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Our warehousing service is not a must but some of our clients especially require that we offer them this service and we do it. One of the interesting things about our warehousing service is that we allow our clients to use our condusive warehouse free for one month.

We give you the opportunity to gather your goods from different suppliers and then ship it all together to your warehouse as this will save cost by reducing your shipping fee. We also provide safe and secure warehousing in Guangdong Provinces which is close to the busy ports of Guangzhou and Shenzhen respectively. The proximity facilitates efficient stock transports and makes it quicker and easier.

We know a lot of our customers are time conscious and as a result of that, we have carefully picked the best spot to store your products. We are quite sure that this will not only save you time, you will also enjoy a decrease in the transportation rates as a result of our nearness to two very busy ports in China.

Our secured warehouses also enable you to store a large number of goods, if the quantity of the product you ordered for is very large, you do not need to bother about how to store them before shipment because we also have that facility.

It should also be noted that warehousing in China is more cost-effective when compared with the United State of America. We know that is can be quite tiring to find a reasonable warehouse that you can store your products, we also know that you want to maximize cost that is why we offer our warehousing service and we know that it will cost you less if you store your products with us that if you transport it to America for storage.

This warehousing plan is also economic and flexible as you can adjust your plans at any time to save you storage charges in the most cost-effective way. We know that you will not want to spend unnecessary and so we have flexible plans that can be reviewed to your economic advantage.

Allowing us to store your products will not only be to our personal advantage as we will always glad to work for you, but We also believe that you will definitely save a reasonable amount because giving the best services at the lowest price possible is what we are after.

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Smart Sourcing is a one-stop china sourcing service provider that makes importing from China super easy. With our experience in more than 20 industries and 300+ product types, we can help you find the best products from China! The industry including: apparels and textile, jewelry, footwear, electronics, beauty accessories, toys etc.

We are Smart Sourcing, with 3 years of sourcing experience in China, with in-depth understanding of your import needs, we get what you do ,performance to discipline, proven and unparalleled ability in controlling your entire supplier chain.

We provide a one-stop service which includes: product sourcing, market guide, order following, quality control, payment secure, warehouse shipping and so on. You can trust us to handle any aspect for you as we would put in our best for you to attain the desired satisfaction.

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