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After the manufacturer must have produced the required goods, the need for quality inspection comes in. Note that it is mandatory to conduct quality inspection on products before shipment as this is to ensure that that the product’s component is up to the desired specification required by law. This is also to make sure that the products are not harmful to whosoever would be using it and that it was the original quality agreed on that was produced.

We need you to have it in mind that if you purchase your product directly from the supplier, you will need to hire a third party to do the inspection as this is a very vital aspect. The price the third party will charge you can be as much as $300 or even higher than that. But if you hire us to perform the service of quality inspection for you, we do a thorough job for little or nothing. Remember that our product follows up service comes with a free quality inspection service from us.

After receiving your goods from the manufacturer, it will be taken to our warehouse where we will ensure to patiently check the quality of your goods. We guarantee you the security of our warehouse so you can be sure that nothing at all will happen or affect your product(s).  If there happens to be a default in the product, we will make sure we help you to negotiate with the supplier and reach a fair agreement.

We offer “inspect one by one” which means that we take our time and we make sure we inspect all your manufactured goods one by one to make sure they tally with the required and original standard. We do this to ensure that everything you ordered for is in a perfect marketing condition and we have in mind that any product with a defect will lead to loss of resource.

Since we are all about giving you the best, we put in our best for you and this will just cost a little. The cost part will only apply to those who hired us for our quality inspection service only and  this is the more reason you need to hire us to take care of the whole process for you because not only do we guarantee your desired result, we also do so for a minimized token to help you maximize your profit.

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