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After you must have agreed on the most suitable sample needed, we can also help you to do your product follow up if you agree to this service which we also offer. The process of the product follows up entails getting in touch with the manufacturer to know when the products will be ready, knowing the exact date for the shipment of the product and so on.

Our services entail making sure your order(s) are closely tracked. We get in touch with the manufacturers and we make sure that the products to be produced reach the original standard of what was ordered. We are also careful enough not to make mistakes as our aim is to make you get utmost satisfaction.

In order to prevent surprises before the fixed shipment date, we make it a point of duty to inform you about any change in process or change in plan so as to prevent any form of disappointment. We do this to give you enough time to fix any pending issues and then to agree on the new shipment date. We know that timing is a vital issue when it comes to business that is why we communicate frequently with you to avoid any form of disappointment.

We know that this process can be time-consuming so we offer to help you handle the stress that comes with the product follow up. Also, we give transparent prices. Our prices are minimal as we only charge commission fees and it thereby gives you better control.

You will only be needed to pay as low as a 5% service fee when your order is finished and ready for shipment. As said earlier, your satisfaction is our utmost concern and so we do not overcharge or exploit our customers.

Another amazing thing about us is that if you use our follow-up service, you will get the following services for free: Quality inspection, warehouse storage and arrange shipment. We know this offer seems too good to be true but it is. We will agree to offer you those services for free. This means that you don’t need to bother about the quality of the product as we will take care of that for you.  You also need not to bother about the storage of the product before shipment as we ensure proper storage which will not lead to damaged products. Also, we will also help you to arrange the shipment and the bright side of all this is that we are doing it free.

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Smart Sourcing is a one-stop china sourcing service provider that makes importing from China super easy. With our experience in more than 20 industries and 300+ product types, we can help you find the best products from China! The industry including: apparels and textile, jewelry, footwear, electronics, beauty accessories, toys etc.

We are Smart Sourcing, with 3 years of sourcing experience in China, with in-depth understanding of your import needs, we get what you do ,performance to discipline, proven and unparalleled ability in controlling your entire supplier chain.

We provide a one-stop service which includes: product sourcing, market guide, order following, quality control, payment secure, warehouse shipping and so on. You can trust us to handle any aspect for you as we would put in our best for you to attain the desired satisfaction.

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