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Our company will help you search for the best supplier in China. We perform this action and expect nothing in return. It is amazingly for free. The popular phrase “nothing is for free” does not apply to us. We help you search for the best of the best and we do not collect anything in return. Other companies will not perform any service for free. You will have to pay them and pay them well to get good results but this does not definitely apply to us.

You are probably thinking right now that you have a supplier in China and you do not need our sourcing service. We are glad to inform you that we perform thorough research and we discover places where you can get the best products at the cheapest price. This is part of our specialty and we guarantee you that our thorough research helps to find a new and better place. If you have also been thinking of how to change your supplier, search no more. We are here to meet that need and it will cost you absolutely nothing.

Our geographical location makes it certain that you get the best products at the best rates you can think of because we are located in Guangdong, China. As a result of where we are situated, we help you get quality products at the lowest price. Guangdong has the largest wholesale markets in China for different products including furniture, clothing for both adults and children, toys, shoes, leather goods, utensils, plastic materials, lamps and lanterns and lots more. We can purchase anything and everything you need from China and we do not get counterfeit products, we purchase the best of the best.

We do not waste time in ensuring you get the quotation as we also assure that you will get the quotation within two days which is also quite fast. We believe in proper planning and that is why we work as fast as possible to deliver to you reliable quotations which we know will help you in planning.

If you are satisfied with our products price and sample, we can help you manage production that is if you hire us to proceed and we trust you will. We will charge you a very reasonable amount of 5-10% commission on the goods total amount. We believe business is all about making profits and because of that we are reasonable with our charges so as to help you maximize the utmost profit that you deserve.

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Research beyond the business plan

Smart Sourcing is a one-stop china sourcing service provider that makes importing from China super easy. With our experience in more than 20 industries and 300+ product types, we can help you find the best products from China! The industry including: apparels and textile, jewelry, footwear, electronics, beauty accessories, toys etc.

We are Smart Sourcing, with 3 years of sourcing experience in China, with in-depth understanding of your import needs, we get what you do ,performance to discipline, proven and unparalleled ability in controlling your entire supplier chain.

We provide a one-stop service which includes: product sourcing, market guide, order following, quality control, payment secure, warehouse shipping and so on. You can trust us to handle any aspect for you as we would put in our best for you to attain the desired satisfaction.

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