How to wholesale power bank from China?

Nov 13, 2021 Source from China
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Portable power banks and charger can be a source of income if you know the steps to take to make a good business from it. The mistakes people make about a lucrative venture is to go into it without sourcing for adequate knowledge about it. I know you do not want to fall into this category, this is why we have come up with a beautiful step by step analysis on how to go about wholesaling power banks from China- all you need to do is go through it, digest it, and implement it.

It is of great importance to know the different kinds of power banks but there are also other essential factors to be put into consideration. They are as follows

  • Different types  of power banks
  • The normal price of wholesale power bank
  • China power bank wholesale market
  • Things to know about wholesale power bank suppliers in China
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Fashion and portable power bank- this kind of power bank is unique and distinct. It is specially designed for convenience. It is well suited for a daily outing, something to be easily fitted into a purse or small bag pack, for everyday use. It comes in different makes and sizes. Its appearance is classy and suitable for different kinds of outing. Your target audience might likely influence the market for this particular type of power bank. Ladies most likely fall in love with this kind.

  • The Built-in Rechargeable Line Type- this kind of power bank is also built for convenience. It has features of a modified power bank, with a built-in adapter to prevent unnecessary search-stress when it is needed to be utilized. It effectively charges digital products.
  • Solar Power Bank-solar power banks are designed as battery power storage unit, they get recharged from the sunlight directly. They come in handy during prolonged outdoor events like camping trips where electricity supply might not be so predictable and constant. Although, they are often designed to be also rechargeable through electricity sources.

However, solar power banks are advisable only when there is adequate sunlight. It is often presented as an emergency option and it serves its purpose well when there is adequate sunlight on a frequent basis. Giving proper consideration to the location where the power banks will be sold can influence your sales preferences on what kind of power bank you might opt for upon wholesale.

  • Power Bank with Led Lightening- The Power bank with led lightening also has to charge function and it is a very popular design currently present in the market. It has a very large electrical capacity with a beautifully structured lightening system which functions even in low light. This type of power bank is well suited for professional external power supply. Putting into consideration the constancy of current and voltage regulation of a product is an important factor for the selection of power bank.
  • Quick charge power bank- This kind of power bank possesses quick charge technology, and basically, 5 main quick charge solutions are available in the market and they include Qualcomm quick charge, MTK Pump Express, OPPO VOOC Flash charge, USB 3.1 PD and TI Max Charge. The most powerful one is the Qualcomm Quick charge which typically spends far lesser time charging when compared with the other options. It charges up to 8 hours usage for just 15 minutes!
  • Smart Power Bank- The smart power bank is the power bank with smart technology. Smart tech is smart, fast, safe and very convenient.  It automatically recognizes your devices and connects with them without stress; it also adjusts the output voltage of your device so it can be charged at full speed.

It so not enough to know the kinds of power banks there are, it is also important to know the wholesale process power banks go for so you will be able to predict the market climate for your success.


The price ranges depending on the brand and also type of power banks. For example;

The PU leather wallet with power bank 6800mAh wireless charging wallet costs $14.50 -$15.00 per piece. Discount may exist depending on the amount you decide to order. The more the number of pieces you decide to order from the available options, the cheaper the prices are.

Prices reduce when the number of items being ordered increases. This is a way suppliers get to motivate their customers more market for the products being sold. The same principle of increase in order and reduction in the process apply for other makes and types of power banks, all you will need to do is visit Alibaba.Com to find out more about the prices of different power banks available.


The Power Bank industry in China happens to be is largely concentrated in Shenzhen and Guangzhou,  which in turn are the two largest cities in China’s southern Guangdong province.

  1. Shenzhen  Huaqiangbei electronics market:  this market is very huge and it can be referred to as a ‘makers dream’.  It is actually located about 10 miles from Hong Kong. One major strong feature of this market is that it is a very tight market which is not convenient for strangers to blend into. Visiting this kind of market will require you doing some background search about language and how things operate there. Local knowledge is really required for you to navigate your way through the market.
  2. If you happen to reside in the United States, it might pose a little bit of difficulty because a Chinese visa is required for US citizens. This market is best assessed by Metro from Huaqianglu station but it is on record that the traffic along the route to this market is unbearable.
  3. In addition, A Shenzhen based open source hardware called seed studio released a detailed map of this market, making specific building prominent. This singular act makes it so easy to access the main shops where power banks are sold. Although as a foreigner, the prices quoted to you might be a bit higher than normal, you can still easily arrive at a fair price because the market is so big.

Guangzhou Electronic Markets- This market is also a large electronic market where hot-selling gadgets are being sold including power banks. And the beautiful part is that the deals you could strike in this market might even turn out to be cheaper than what you get in other places. There are different places in this market, some of which include;

  • Jiefang Zhong Lu Electronic Market- this market, although it is a bit smaller than most of the other markets in Guangzhou, contains so many shops which sell standard products-power banks inclusive. A mix of useful electronic gadget can be found here. It is also an ideal place to purchase electronic spare parts from.
  • Dashatou Electronic Markets – Most buyers come to this particular market from the Middle East and Africa to purchase electronic Gadgets. The price ranges that are found in this market is definitely one of the lowest prices to be found in Guangzhou. The qualities of the products are amazing.
  • Nanfang Dasha (near Wenhua Gongyuan)- this market has wonderful building structures and have products with very low prices too. It is an ideal place to make the purchase of power banks here.

Important points to note about Wholesale power bank Suppliers in China.

  (1) The Documentation Requirements

You have to practically ensure that the power bank is designed to comply with a certain standard, you must also issue a set of documents. These documents may include the following;

  • Declaration of Conformity
  • PCB schematic/circuit diagram
  • Bill of materials
  • Design drawing (case)
  • List of applicable standards
  • User Manual
  • Test report issued by accredited third party

It is important to note that your Chinese manufacturer might not provide you with these documents. It is safer not to have an expectation of them from the supplier. It is your responsibility to issue all mandatory documents.

(2) Power Bank Safety Standards: the United States, Europe & Australia

Power banks are ‘high risk’ products which re-regulated in most countries. Various EU and Us standards and directives exist which apply also to power banks. They are;

  • Low Voltage Directive (EU)
  • ETL 7120-59 (USA)
  • UL 2056 (USA)

Other standards which are also applicable to lithium batteries, connectors and cables exist. They are EN, UL and ETL standards.

There are also non-safety related regulations that may apply:

  • EMC Directive (EU)
  • Radio Equipment Directive (EU)
  • RoHS (EU)
  • FCC Part 15 (US)

(3) Labeling Requirements

It is mandatory that power banks comply with various labeling requirements, such as the following:

  • CE Mark
  • WEEE Mark
  • Country of Origin (i.e., Made in China)
  • UL Mark (Optional)
  • ETL Mark (Optional)

(4) IATA and UN Lithium Battery Transportation Restrictions

As 2017, updated IATA air transportation regulations apply to lithium batteries, including products that contain such batteries internally, are put in place by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Export Packaging: All batteries must be separated and packed individually with plastic wrapping and a foam divider.

Warning labels: A Warning Label sticker of the appropriate type, and size, must be attached to each carton.

Documentation: Additional documentation, attached to the airway bill, containing handling instructions and contact information of the seller.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 (1) Do I need to have any license if I wish to import power banks from China?

Licenses are important. It saves you a lot of stress to have your license but if you wish to buy minimal quantity for personal use, then no license is required. Purchase to be made for export business requires a license and the import code has to be given by DGFT of the Chinese government.

(2) What about the power bank Technology?

All power banks utilize rechargeable batteries based around lithium technology. Also, Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer batteries are most commonly used for power banks:

Lithium-ion:   Lithium-Ion batteries have a higher energy density which means they are capable of storing more electrical charge in a given size or volume. They are very cheap t manufacture but can give you problems as they become old but Lithium-polymer power banks do not suffer from aging to the same extent, therefore they might be a better choice for consideration. However they are more costly to manufacture and as a result, they may not suit all budgets.

(3)What I need to know about the lifetime of the Power Bank.

There are two main forms of a lifetime that are associated with power banks which are:


Charge-discharge cycles:   Any rechargeable battery will gradually wear out.  The lifetime of a battery is usually stated with respect to the number of charge-discharge cycles it can undergo before its level of performance falls by a particular degree. Some cheaper power banks may only have a life of 500 or so charge-discharge cycles, but better ones will have lifetimes of many more charge-discharge cycles.


Self-discharge time:   All battery cells, whether rechargeable or primary have a certain level of self-discharge. For rechargeable batteries these days with their own control circuitry, a small amount of power is required to keep these circuits alive. As a result, there is only a finite time that a battery will remain charged.


A good power bank can hold a charge for up to 6 months with only a small loss of charge, but lower quality ones may only retain a useful charge for about a month.

Power banks are very important and will definitely be used by people. All you need to put into consideration before embarking on the wholesale of portable power bank in this year 2019 have been listed and explained in this article. You just have to follow them to get a sizeable amount of results.


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