How to get product review on Amazon 2022?

Nov 13, 2021 Amazon

It is a great thing to have high conversion rates, it helps you stand out and attract a lot of customers for products. Having over 500+ reviews is an essential feature necessary to thrive in the marketplace. If you have been searching for how to get Amazon reviews legally in 2022, for a new turn around in your listings and conversion rates, then you are on the right article.

It is really not a hard process to get reviews on Amazon for this year (2022), all you need are a few guidelines to put you through the essentials and in no time, you will find your product having the number of reviews which you desire.

As a matter of fact, many people are attracted to products which have a high number of reviews! This is one constant factor that will not change; this is because customers gain more confidence to purchase a product, having read through the various reviews it possesses. The higher the review, the better.

So you might be thinking, why are product reviews important on Amazon?

  • They influence conversion rates

Research shows that 22 per cent of shoppers will not consider other options once they have their minds fixed on a particular Amazon product they hope to purchase. Also, the number of reviews a product happens to have is a strong influence which affects this particular point. Research shows that 84 per cent of shoppers trusts online reviews as much as a personal recommendation and 91% of shoppers occasionally or regularly read online reviews. Therefore, more reviews can indirectly guarantee more purchase of your product! That’s how it rolls.

  • Reviews provide valuable market intelligence.

Market intelligence is a very essential part of eCommerce. By analyzing the reviews from different products at the top, middle and bottom of these lists, most sellers can gain invaluable insight into consumer preferences and concerns. The insights will serve as a basis of anchorage for business propositions and service managements thereby influencing productivity and social proof especially in the development of new products which is anticipated to make a huge market entry. When they develop a new product, these reviews are valuable.

Having discussed the reasons why product reviews are important on Amazon, here are some few but solid tips on How to get product reviews on Amazon.

Having quality products should be a priority for you! It will not really be a plus for you if your products cannot be reckoned as high quality. Only quality products stand the test of time. Having quality products is an essential part required to build reviews on Amazon. Customers usually have a lot to say about very excellent products; so you should probably take advantage of this point.

  1. Your focus should be fixed on sourcing for high-quality products from the very beginning of your business; this will help you build success as you maximize other described steps in this article. You should put yourself in your customers’ shoes, ask yourself if you will be pleased and satisfied upon utilization of the product which you stock up for sale. If your answer falls in the negative, then making the proper adjustments will suffice.

Also, being explicit about the kind of problems your product will solve, and how enjoyable the consumers will find it, will assist you in demonstrating your product superiority. Allowing this point form bulk of the information in your product listing will naturally pull customers who will write reviews for your product based on this information.

  1. Product Inserts: this might sound like an abstract terminology but it simply refers to the printed messages which are most times added inside the packaging of a product and it usually includes instructions, important information as regards the customers purchase such as how to leave an Amazon review and where and how they can contact you. To get most of the results  from the utilization of your Amazon product insert, you need to do the following;

Firstly, you have to focus on a single objective which is solely getting an Amazon review. You have to be very clear about the product insert and make sure the customers are not loaded with too much information.  You could also ask them to contact you if they wish to find out more about the product or if they encounter any form of problem. This will prevent your customers from leaving any form of a bad review.

To create a very good product insert, you need to frame the “ask” in a way that your customers will be inclined to share their wonderful experiences and leave an Amazon review. You should also endeavour to have your insert professionally designed; this will give you an edge.

3.Involve the services of your family and friends

This is a very common strategy which can help you achieve your goal of getting more Amazon reviews. what you need to do is ask friends or family members to buy a product from your listing,  and leave a review. But you have to be careful with this method. you do not need to overdo this.  You need to keep an organic “sales to reviews” ratio to avoid Amazon taking those reviews down. It would look very suspicious to Amazon’s algorithm if you got three reviews from your first three sales because that’s not something that normally happens.


4.You need drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are email follow up sequences which consist of very strategic messages sent to your customers over a certain period. It aims to get reviews for your product on Amazon. Though they seem so similar to product inserts, they are a post-purchase follow-up sequence to provide more values to your customers. It provides your customers with relevant information about customer support, the product purchased and most importantly, very useful guides which are related to the product, which in turn will serve as a template to make your customers lives better.

You need to incorporate the following guidelines to get Amazon reviews via drip campaigns and they include;

  • Avoid complexities, use a simple language sequence and keep things simple, easily understandable and concise. A few punchy lines will do the trick for you. You do not need excessive storytelling about the product.
  • You have to showcase a great deal of creativity with your subject lines. Catchy emails will attract the attention of your customers, to open the email.
  • Know your customers well so you can match their style accurately.
  • Avoid spamming your customers, it will not be appreciated.
  1. Bundle products; this simply involves you including freebie or building a set.  There are two basic advantages to be harnessed from this particular method;
  • Your customers get to enjoy greater satisfaction-when you include an additional product, it can enhance the usage of the primary one. This, in turn, boosts overall satisfaction, which will make your customers frame awesome reviews for you on Amazon! You will agree with me that it is an easy way to go, enabling you to achieve your aim in a short time frame.
  • When you include a small freebie, your customers perceive a higher value being offered to them. Building complementary products too achieves this effect. It not only attracts more sales for you, in the long run, but it also separates you from the existing competition and stands you out, achieving your aim of getting more reviews on Amazon within a short time in this year 2019!

This point helps you leverage on customers experience by improving it, this, in turn, attract more sales thereby giving you more results than those who do not practice this. Also, DO NOT publicly offer your product for free or for a discount in exchange for a product review. This is also prohibited and something that can do more harm than good. Play it safe, stay off Amazon’s radar, and do not ask for trouble.


  1.  Offering free contents alongside free ebooks is another strategy that can fetch you more Amazon reviews. Incorporating rightly the use of free ebooks and contents could be a bonus from you. You could incorporate it to give your customers a pleasant after purchase surprises. It will simply mean they’d be getting much more than they bargained for! Surprises act as an emotional appeal for customers, it can help you get the most pleasant and touching reviews needed on Amazon.


To do this, you need to create the content for the free ebook. It is a way of providing additional value to your customers. A freelancer or professional writer can help you gracefully create this content.

You can also jump send the content to make sure it gets to every one of your new customers. It sets up automated email delivery of the ebooks to every one of your new customers.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  • Do Reviews Influence Product Ranking?

Not exactly. Product reviews are not the sole deciding factor in where items appear in Amazon rankings; they still strongly hinges on sales when Amazon’s A9 algorithm delivers search results.

  • How do Shoppers use Reviews?

Awareness  > Consideration > Purchase

Amazon places reviews in higher location priority before the product specifications or detail bullets, and this is a strategic move. Reviews push consumers from consideration to purchase. Approximately 70 per cent of consumers read reviews before making a purchase and most of the customers form an opinion after reading between one and six online reviews.

  • May I buy reviews?

It will be a BAD IDEA to buy reviews from places like Facebook, and other similar places. This is TOTALLY against Amazon’s rules and will get you into trouble. By trouble, I mean Amazon will delete those reviews, but they likely won’t ban.

You have all you need already to get more Amazon reviews for your products without so much stress. All you need to do is rightly apply these procedures. Not only will they fetch your positive responses, but they will also fetch you so much more reviews in this year 2019 than you might have gotten in other years. Get down to business, get down to getting more reviews, success awaits you!

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