Retail has become a very competitive field in recent years with similar as well as divergent products and services going to war for the highest prestige of customer satisfaction and profit. Everyone wants to get ahead; sellers, manufacturers, wholesalers even the shoppers want to feel on top. Similarly, Amazon is known to be one of the most competitive online marketplaces on the web today. With millions of products, services, customers, sellers and host of other people involved in transactions daily, it is no wonder why every seller wants to stand out. Consequently, Amazon sellers get the most affordable products with the best quality to shine bright among the others. However, one of the ways “star”Amazon sellers shine brighter than the rest is by getting good product reviews.

It is pretty basic to go for a product that has 200+ reviews than one which has just 10, the human nature won’t allow a customer go for the latter product unless they are in close relations to the seller – maybe! One of the ways to push traffic to the product you sell on Amazon is by getting good feedback which helps your brand secure a top seat in the social hierarchy of your product niche. In retrospect, this article will give you the seller insights as to how to get Amazon reviews legally in 2019. So you too can shine above the rest.


The reasons for getting product reviews are not far to see, without a viable social proof your product may not do so great on Amazon. People most likely will check how many reviews you have got and read the reviews before exercising their purchase power. Research shows that 22% of shoppers won’t look anywhere else once they’ve identified an Amazon product they want to buy. Reviews are the real deal when it comes to this decision, it helps in influencing or reinforcing the shoppers opinion about a product. Furthermore, 84% of shoppers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation and 91% of shopper occasionally or regularly read online reviews. This means no matter how much impetus shoppers have to get a product, the reviews become the driving force, the extra push to finally getting that product. Therefore, reviews influence conversion.

Getting Amazon reviews legally in 2019 can also help sellers with valuable market intelligence. Reviews give the sellers insight as to what products consumers prefer from different tiers of product strata. Additionally, reviews become an essential asset when a new product is developed. It helps to guide new consumers on the complexities and intricacies of using that product.

Conclusively, reviews help to bolster the image and quality of a product as good feedback helps to make the product more attractive to new consumers.


There are a few elements to consider as to how to get reviews on Amazon in 2019, each element or component has its own guidelines and procedures to follow. Six of which will be examined below. Importantly, understanding these intricacies is imperative in getting the right product reviews on Amazon in 2019. 


A lot of emphasis has been made on how to get initial reviews on Amazon in this article, but make no mistake “star”seeking sellers,  quality is essential in the success of any Amazon product. Even before getting to the stage of reviews, you have to make sure that your product is of top notch quality with the ability to capture the attention of the shoppers. To foster great product reviews, the item on sale has to be well tested and trusted.

Interestingly, verifying your products quality is the first step in getting good product reviews on Amazon;  as illustrated earlier no shopper will go for a product with a poor quality or weak image. Whether it be electronics or clothes you are selling, check all the features before it is put out on sale, let the quality of the product speak for itself then you will witness how shoppers will throng to your product and click away in Joy. 


How to get reviews on Amazon 2019 also involves the dissemination of the right information. Product inserts are vital information added into the packaging of a product. Printed messages that come in form of product instructions, contact address, how to leave a review on Amazon among other things. Product inserts are subtle messages that help stimulate the shoppers to act and there are certain guidelines involved when sending product inserts. Firstly, have a clear goal in mind when sending messages to the customers, the goal is to seek for a review and since Amazon doesn’t frown on this method you can take full advantage of it.

Although the goal is to seek for a review, try not to ask for a review ‘right off the bat’. Telling the shoppers you want a review straight on will prove to be insensitive to their needs. Provide them with the relevant information about the product and your services before you proceed to the ‘burning desire’. Secondly, make your message simple and short. Let it be concrete, apt and straight to the point. Indicate what the customers need to do in a clear, unambiguous manner for ease in the usage of the product. Furthermore, instead of leaving a bad review you could skillfully ask them to contact you. Avoid any smudge on your reputation. 


Some Amazon sellers lose track of what is most important by letting ‘fame” get to them. The quest of how to get Amazon reviews on Amazon in 2019 can cause sellers to be a bit restless. The thrill of getting your initial review on amazon can leave you in awe for days especially if it is an amazing one. But managing this excitement and turning it into something that will spur more reviews is the key. The most common strategy for this is to ask friends or family members to buy a product from your listing and leave a review.

Please be careful; you don’t want to overdo this! You need to keep an organic “sales to reviews” ratio to avoid Amazon taking those reviews down. It would look very suspicious to Amazon’s algorithm –  if you got three reviews from your first three sales because that’s not something that normally happens. Try to manage the ‘fame” so you don’t look suspicious to Amazon which will eventually lead to a loss of potential customers. As much as you want those reviews, you can’t afford to lose your reputation. Understanding that there is still more to do after getting your initial review on Amazon is a giant step to solidifying your place among the “star”sellers in the global community of retail.


Follow-up is an integral aspect of retail and most importantly life itself. It portrays you as more than an Amazon seller but someone who cares genuinely for customers. In recent years, Email follow-up sequences had proven to be one of the quickest, easiest and effective ways of getting Amazon reviews. These sets of messages are sent to the customers over a strategic perioid of time after some action has taken place whether a purchase of a product, development of a new product or an expansion of a product niche.

There are a few guidelines associated with sending these specific kind of messages, it is a little bit similar to the product inserts. You still have to provide the customers with relevant information about the product, upcoming products, contact information and any other form of value that will benefit the customer In any way possible. Using emails as a follow-up sequence can be a bit tricky, you have to pay attention to details if you want to capture the attention of the customers. For instance, some customers rarely open emails not work related or tailored to their needs, a lot of emails and notifications from applications go unread. However, you can become creative with your messages, strategically change the subject line of the messages to the names of the customers to attract them. Also, you could adjust your writing style to suit the customer you are sending the message to, don’t rush in drafting the messages since people have different needs and personalities.

Time is an important factor when sending emails to customers, some customers may be at work, others could be in school. Therefore, as an Amazon seller you have to pay attention and study the customers to help get a positive review. No one will even check your email not to talk of give a positive review when they are busy. Identify when and how often the customers come online to buy your products, study this for a peroid of time. It could be weekends that some customers have time, others might be free weekdays, understanding to an extent your customers schedule will go a long way in helping get reviews for your product.


Amazon sellers have great advantage of getting reviews when they bundle products especially complimentary products. You could also include a freebie which is one effective way for providing value to the customers. Bundling products sets you apart from the rest; also including an additional product can also increase customer satisfaction.

However, as beneficial as bundling products might be, you have to note some few things if you want to thrive as an Amazon seller. Do not publicly offer your product for free or for a discount in exchange for a product review. This is also prohibited and something that can do more harm than good. Play it safe, stay off Amazon’s radar, and do not ask for trouble. 


Imagine after purchasing a new product you get a free content and e-book. The best part is these e-books come as a surprise to the shopper, this will certainly give you an edge over your competition . The shoppers themselves will be left in anticipation of what next to expect thereby keeping them glued to your product for any update or other developments. Most people enjoy the element of surprise especially when you get something worthwhile for free, who wouldn’t want that kind of deal? Giving free content and e-books will not only add emotional appeal but nudges the shopper to give a review willingly.


With the plethora of questions from “star-seeking” Amazon sellers, I have highlighted a couple of questions peculiar to many. These questions will be answered accordingly to help you get reviews on Amazon.

  1. Do Reviews influence Product Ranking?

This is one of the predominantly asked questions by Amazon sellers. Reviews do not necessarily influence product ranking. There are many factors that decide product rank, invariably product reviews is not the sole deciding factor in this regard. Although, product sales still act as a major influencer when Amazon’s A9 algorithm is delivering search results.

  1. How Do Shoppers Use Reviews?

Amazon sellers sometimes go through the dilemma of having to figure out how shoppers use reviews for their products. It is nothing to get worked up about, I assure you. Shoppers reviews are in stages, the first stage is Awareness where the shopper is introduced to the product by people or the media. The second stage is consideration where the shopper contemplates the need for the product while the final stage is purchase. Amazon strategically places reviews in higher location priority before the product specifications or detail bullets; reviews push consumers from consideration stage to purchase stage

Approximately 70% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase and a whopping 68% of those shoppers form an opinion on a product after reading between one and six online reviews.

  1. May I Buy Amazon Reviews?

It is not a sin but what I would advise you not to do is to buy amazon reviews on places like Facebook groups, and other similar places. This is totally against Amazon’s rules and will get you into trouble. By trouble, I mean Amazon will delete those reviews, but they likely won’t ban you. If they did bans, we could use this strategy to get rid of all our competitors by doing same thing for them, but it’s better to not risk it or waste your money. So “star seekers”  please play safe!


Veteran Amazon sellers will tell you that getting reviews in 2019 is one of the hardest things to do. A lot of planning goes through just getting an initial review on Amazon. Thankfully, you have some guidelines tailor made for you to excel and shine brighter than your competitors.

There are many products on Amazon but there are only few stellar sellers available. Be that seller, always put in that extra effort in making sure that you stand out.

I’m sure how to get reviews on Amazon in 2019 is no longer a dilemma.

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