The world is filled with a plethora of business opportunities, day by day new and improved ways of conducting business have materialized and it keeps getting better. It is one thing to see these business opportunities, it is yet another thing to know what type of business to venture into. If you are reading this article, then my friend you are in luck.

With the said travails of picking the right business venture to operate in, the complexities of thriving in this highly competitive world is very high. Bear in mind that there is no business that doesn’t have its fair share of complications but the jewellery business is one profitable venture. It gets interesting from here on out, for the veterans in the business you would agree that a lot of people enjoy jewellery whether they be fancy, small diamond, hand crafted or whatever the make, people love jewelry. For the newbies Let me give you a sweet analysis, jewelers are expected to earn from around $10,000 to $250,000 per year depending on how much you manage to import and sell.

So how do you get a hold of these jewelries, China manufacturers one of the finest sets of jewelries in the world, it has become one of the strong towers of fine pieces of jewelries. If indeed you want to get started I will suggest you import from China. Good thing this article embodies the effective steps in importing jewellery from China.


I am sure you saw a certain $250,000 possibility earlier in this article for those who eventually pivot into importing jewellery from China. jewellery is so fanciful that everybody enjoy using them whether man or woman or child, every one wants a piece of jewellery glittering among the crowd. People will always want to buy jewellery to enhance their lives this making the market more sustainable.

The opportunities are endless, now what people do is to buy wholesale fashion jewellery online and sell it at a profit. Some folks do the smart thing by identifying recent fashion trends, anticipating future trends and buying wholesale fashion jewellery that meets the demands of the market for a particular season. Smart right? This is an indication that some importers don’t just go to China or go online to buy but to properly select items that will be beneficial to them and to the market. Now that’s a strategy. any famous brand industry have made names for themselves using this successful strategy, the find out what is trending and sell large quantities at great prices.

Another plus side to choosing jewellery as your business and why wholesale fashion jewellery online is very profitable is the fact that many new designs of jewellery have caught the eye of young individuals all around, billionaires and influential people have begun to take notice. In essence, there are great business opportunities available in jewellery industry with many more still trying to delve into the business.

Additionally, technology has reinvented the way things are done in the world, even the simple things have been made much easier. With the rise of social media in this present times it is very easy for market places, owners, importers and others to expand their market and achieve optimal sales growth. No matter what mode of specialty you choose to operate whether online or offline, the jewellery industry is one that favors the willing and brave.



It is a known fact that China is one of the most influential countries in the world with their wide range of expertise, proficiency and versatility in different areas it is no wonder some regard them as a powerhouse. Are you still wondering why you should import jewellery from China? The China jewellery industry has gained a lot of sustained growth over the years. jewellery production has only evolved since its origin in the famous country.

Importing from jewellery from China is very convenient and smooth, as you get the high value jewellery and the best part is it doesn’t weigh much at all. In retrospect, it is easier to import. Years ago, Chinese jewellery comprised only of gold and silver which were greatly loved by the people but as times evolved, the manufacturers began to specialize in different types of jewellery which attracted retailers and wholesalers to China in search of the very best jewellery designs. They also produce hundreds of tonnes of jewellery each year that meets the intense demand of the market in China and around the world.

Furthermore, importing jewellery from China is considered very cheap compared to other countries. You get the best quality jewellery for the lowest prices. With a wide range of options to choose from, it is no wonder people throng to China for a piece(s) of jewellery delight.



Now we are getting into the main content of the article  this is where you have decided on what to do as an importer of jewellery from China. Emphasis has been made to the size and magnitude of the China jewellery industry, therefore getting a supplier will be very difficult without sufficient knowledge. This is what this section seeks to achieve.

Suppliers are very important people when dealing with importation of jewellery from China, they help in identifying quality products and also in negotiating prices with the Chinese natives in the various markets – we’ll get to this later. There are different kinds of jewellery you can import from China, we have gold, silver, platinum and diamond. However, there are few others that still constitute some parts of the market such as copper, aluminium, zinc alloy, titanium, stainless steel and zirconia. It will be shame if this was all the categories of jewellery available, thank goodness it’s not, there are also jewellery made from freshwater pearls, gemstones, crystals, wood, coconut shell, sea shell and a host of others you can choose from. Sourcing for the best products is as crucial as finding the right suppliers to help import such products. Hence, knowing where to find the right suppliers for your products will go a long way in determining your success in this industry.


This category of importers don’t have any design or specifics about what they are looking for in a jewellery piece, all they want is to start up their jewellery business and make profit. If you fall under this category of importers I would advise you to source for relevant information about jewelries and learning more about them. You can make your research on Aliexpress or Alibaba which are some of the best platforms for entrepreneurs. They allow you to connect with suppliers, get to know about the products, you even see the products and basically connects you to what your business needs. One cool thing about these websites is that you can order products with low MOQ (Minimum order quantity). This is a great feature for startup businesses.

Additionally, you can visit markets in Qingdao, Yiwu, and Guangzhou; guaranteed to get just right prices for quality jewellery products you are in need of.



This category houses the more experienced importers, the group of importers have a clear vision of what they want and who they want to sell the jewellery to. Their goals are clearly defined and know ways in getting what they want when there is a fix. We’ll further divide this category of importers into two :

  • Large quantity Importers of over 2000 units
  • Small quantity importers

Large Quantity Importers

Some of the large quantity importers are big supermarkets abroad such as Disney and fast fashion retailer or brand jewelers such as H & M, Zara and other top brands. If you are willing to purchase from 2000 – 5000 units then you definitely fall into this category as such you will need high quality requirement. A large trading company or manufacturer is usually necessary for importers under this category. Most times a third party usually comes in to assess the product that is being imported as well as a professional design apartment where they develop new and trendy products.

For large quantity importers, it is best to get a good sourcing agent who is fluent in both English and Chinese since most of these suppliers barely speak English. To avoid poor negotiations and low quality products get a good sourcing agent that will help represent you on site. If you’re looking for a sourcing company, Smartsourcing(http://www.smartsourcingagent.com) is the right option. you don’t need to pay anything for product sourcing. Only when you are satisfied with product quotation and sample quality, then you can consider to hire them to help you follow-up production and use their other valuable services.

Additionally, you can get jewellery products from large fairs such as the Hong Kong International jewellery show, Canton fair and FJA show in Hong Kong.

Small Quantity Importers

Some of the small quantity importers include foreign jewellery trading companies and wholesalers who sell to local jewellery stores. Others are foreign original jewellery shops, craft shops, tourist souvenir shops, spas, essential oil stores, yoga mala, promotional gift shops, or other functional effect stores. Importers in this category have an idea of the design they want and most times they import less than 2000 units per product. It will be advisable to get a small trading company since you won’t be able to afford the MOQ of the aforementioned large quantity importers. You also need to ensure that the trading company you have selected can handle small orders in a flexible manner.


Now that you have been equipped with the useful knowledge of sourcing for a supplier, let’s move on to other intricacies involved in the importation of jewellery from China. Most importers especially startup business men go through the dilemma of having not getting designs promptly bot only will this frustrate you but hamper your business in the long run. It is therefore expedient for you to gain sufficient knowledge on how to develop new designs quickly. Hence, you have the following options when designing your products.

ODM PRODUCTS (No design changes)

This design option entails the importer basing the designs entirely on the suppliers existing ODM (Private label) designs. The importer doesn’t change anything with the design but just buys and sells later.


This type of design option affords the importer the luxury of designing the jewellery from scratch using existing ODM parts from the buyers catalog. The importer still keeps some parts of the original designs but infuses his own elements into the jewellery to form an aesthetic collaboration.

CUSTOM DESIGN (using OEM parts)

This is entirely different from the rest of the pack, the importer gives a whole new identity to the jewellery and makes it his or her very own. However, the freedom this option gives the importer causes a high tooling costs since custom designed parts are used.



As an importer, gathering information about the kind of jewelries and suppliers is not enough, some importers go as far as making a list of suppliers that will help in locating markets for them. Inasmuch as this is a good idea, it might not be effective as locating the source of the jewellery itself. It is like being more interested in the golden nuggets than the source of the gold.

In this guide, three suitable places for any type of importer will be highlighted with their strong points emphasized. These places are:


Some regard Guangzhou as one of the dominant jewellery markets in China, maybe like the ‘big apple’ of jewellery in China. There is a rich variety of patterns  designs, shapes and sizes of jewellery to choose from in Guangzhou. You are more likely to find products of the best quality in this market.

There is more to Guangzhou market that meets the eye, it is beyond its size but the sophisticated and specialized ways the markets in Guangzhou are arranged. Each category of jewellery has its own unique area in Guangzhou, let me explain. The language market is specifically for gemstones, Panyu is the home of Sterling Silver supplies, Taikang road jewellery market is best known for imitation jewelry. It is no wonder that Guangzhou is one of the homes of the best jewellery accessories in the country.


This market is mostly significant for costume jewelry, people come to this wholesale market for low priced jewelries and small accessories that will go smartly with dresses. Most stores in Yiwu give low MOQ, that though depends largely on the amount of stock they have.


These are exceptionally popular among large quantity importers, the movers and shakers of the jewellery industry most times come to trade fairs to buy products. One of such exotic and elaborate trade shows is the one held at Guangzhou every year in April and October.



It is a known fact that when dealing with importation especially a delicate business such as jewellery importation, importers need to be equipped with enough information to stay ahead of the game. There are lots of suppliers in China who are ready to work, but in this technologically advanced world of ours if we don’t have the right tools we won’t be able to get what we want. So how do you search for suppliers online. We will uncover sole truths about this question using three major platforms


I don’t know of any B2B trading platform that is as large as Alibaba, most suppliers throng to Alibaba.com to enhance their businesses. It has thousands of suppliers in each product category which allows you search for whatever you want with more options to choose from. With the massive inflow of suppliers on Alibaba, it is very easy to get lost when searching for jewellery suppliers. They offer hundreds of millions of products in more than 50 main categories. Therefore, the following are tips in searching for jewellery suppliers on Alibaba

  • Gather relevant information about the product. Keywords are very important when searching for anything on the Internet these days. You need to know the particular word or the product you are searching for. Also, identify where the manufacturers are located in different parts of China so you can limit suppliers scope.
  • Know what you need and choose an appropriate supplier in Alibaba. Choose the requirement that favors you them search for the supplier that matches such requirement. Identifying trading companies is also very essential when searching for suppliers on Alibaba. Look for the company name and address and check for other products produced by that company.



This is another platform that enables jewellery importers search for products quick and easy. It is a Hong Kong based business to business company with a very accessible website. There is a plethora of categories to choose from you can access any product by any time. However, you need to know keywords of the product to easily navigate through the system.


  • Register online to easily access products on the site.
  • Know the product you want to import from China by using relevant keywords in the search option provided.
  • Once the product is found, click on the product and automatically it will bring information about that product. The key specifications, price, enquiries , delivery details and most importantly supplier details.



This is a social media platform founded in 2002  geared towards professionals to enable them network and build your portfolio. LinkedIn is the platform startup jewellery business need to connect to other established companies, to partner with them on projects that will not only change their image but change the industry. LinkedIn is so unique that you can easily access people, companies, products with a click of a button.

  • First thing to do is to register your account with LinkedIn, after registering, you can choose what content you like to be displayed on your feed.
  • As daily updates on jewellery industry come up, LinkedIn will create various pop-ups of people and companies associated with the industry you have chosen to get updates.
  • You can also search for keywords of people and suppliers that you know.
  • After you have got contacts of some people in jewellery industry, referrals can be a very powerful tool especially on LinkedIn. when finding a qualified jewellery supplier from China.



Google is one of the most visited websites in the world today, there are about 3.5 billion searches on google per day, people are always in the search for something, a quest for knowledge, an insatiable hunger for information. Google is the website that provides answers to all the ailing and impending questions lingering in peoples’ minds.

It has proven to be a very valuable tool in the hands of importers who know their way around the website. It takes more than hitting the search icon after you have typed what you are looking for. Some big jewellery manufacturers have their websites in English or Chinese which can be easily located via google. These big jewellery manufacturers also place ads on google so it becomes very easy to locate a jewellery supplier in Google.


As exorbitant as the jewellery business might seem, there could arise some complications during and after importation from China. You have to be very vigilant, knowledgeable and careful when dealing with business of this magnitude. Some of the common problems you may encounter when importing jewellery from China will be examined below.


When dealing with a highly sensitive business venture, there are regulations used to maintain stability and ensure the smooth running of affairs in the industry. Some jewellery are classified based on gender, age or any other demographic, these classifications are subject to additional regulations as the case may be. Some countries may not have regulations specifically for jewellery but general consumer regulations do apply in other countries in Asia, South America and Eastern Europe.


This is a very strategic act done in manufacturing of jewelry, hallmarking is the making of marks, on items made of metal to certify the content of materials such as gold, silver and platinum. Hallmark is the distinguishing characteristic. Many countries have their own hallmarking standards with custom authorities paying close attention to imported jewelry, so you have to be aware of the kind of markings on your jewellery to avoid them from being seized.


You have to be able to provide relevant certification for the jewellery that you are importing especially if it is children’s jewellery and also samples of testing which is a matter of risk management. Most importers usually go berserk during this stage as testing companies usually charge based on the number of samples. Testing is usually costly especially when testing a whole jewellery collection, it could range from $100 -$800. So be wise in avoiding dome certain kind of jewelry.


Of course there would be questions as regards all that has been examined so far. That is why we sampled some of the most common questions importers ask during importation of jewellery from China.


This is very common with beaded jewelry, bracelets, neck pieces and so on. Some beads may be missing or Stones in case of earrings or neck pieces.


There is absolutely nothing that should go unsupervised under your watch, this problem and other ones occur regularly so you have to be vigilant.


It usually occurs in jewellery made from gold, silver and alloy metal. These categories of jewellery are very prone to being damaged easily.


The producer maybe careless when setting the stone as we are humans, anyone could make a mistake. This issue can also be borne out of poor instructions or misunderstanding.


Some jewellery may have excess amount of lead, nickel and cadmium which may be irritable to the skin.


Common problems that emanate from this are cracking, dull and hazy deposits in the plating, blistering and oxidation. All these problems are very common as man is prone to errors notwithstanding you have to be careful and check for all these flaws when importing.


I am positive that this guide will have equipped you with the sufficient knowledge you need to successfully import jewellery from China, simple and concise steps have also been highlighted to help you through the difficult terrains of China.

Let us know if you have any more questions on how we can make importing simpler for you.

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